Washburn's Mission & Values

At Washburn we strive to provide an environment to foster employee growth, and wellbeing while still expecting superior production. Our promise to our partners is that we will continue to exceed expectations. That is easy at first, but to continue that requires thought, effort and resolve.

To assist with that effort, we have defined six core values that we ask each employee to use everyday when faced with decisions.


Everyone deserves respect. No matter how hard it is we should extend this to everyone we meet.


This sounds so easy yet is hard. We need to be responsive, proactive, collaborative, and transparent.


With a servant's heart we strive to serve our customers, partners, and employees. We are commanded to serve, and so we shall.


We are accountable to each other. It takes all of us to complete a task.


We earn trust through our effort and our commitment to our customers, partners, and employees.


We are accountable: To our customers and each other. We take responsibility for all actions done on our behalf.

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