Data destruction

Protect Your Business with Washburn's Secure Data Destruction

In today’s digital age, safeguarding the private information of your business is not just prudent—it's a legal requirement. Opting for anything less than secure data destruction methods exposes your business to significant risks. Washburn’s data destruction services ensure that you remain compliant with privacy laws and regulations, protecting sensitive information effectively.

Storing obsolete hard drives and flash drives in a drawer or a supply closet may seem harmless, but such measures are insufficient. Even when under lock and key, the data on physically intact drives can be retrieved, and conventional methods like erasing, reformatting, or wiping the drives do not guarantee the data cannot be recovered.

Washburn is certified and provides a foolproof solution by completely and permanently destroying the physical drive, rendering it unrecoverable and ensuring that your private information remains confidential. Trust Washburn to handle your data destruction needs, and eliminate the risk of data breaches that could jeopardize your business integrity and trust.

Other services

Here is what else we can do for you.


Washburn’s team of expert technicians provides full system diagnostics – not based on guesswork but on years of experience in the point-of-sale industry.


If your point-of-sale (POS) equipment is working correctly, but operating systems are failing, no amount of sales experience will correct the problem.


Our depot repair services are expertly designed to extend the lifespan of your existing point-of-sale (POS) equipment, ensuring minimal downtime and optimized operational performance. By utilizing our comprehensive parts inventory and offering our own warranty, we effectively keep your maintenance costs low and predictable. In the event of an equipment failure at any of your locations, you can count on Washburn for a swift resolution. We guarantee the shipment of a fully refurbished replacement unit via next-day air, ensuring that your operations continue to run smoothly without interruption.

Clean & Screen

At Washburn, we excel in the meticulous cleaning and screening of equipment, ensuring each item is restored to near-original condition.


Washburn’s deployment services provide efficient installation of POS systems, delivering exceptional minimal downtime.

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